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Recommandations pour la corrosion des planchers d'après Lotus :


Lotus is aware that a small number of Elise models factory fitted with synthetic mats in the footwells, have
experienced some cosmetic corrosion of the top surface of the aluminium footwell floor panels. The cause
of the corrosion is a complex chemical reaction within the moisture and salts which tend to become
trapped between the floor surface and PVC matting. Lotus fully understands that this cosmetic corrosion
has caused concern to some of the affected customers and would like to reassure all owners that the
footwell floors are not part of the primary load bearing structure of the car and that this corrosion does not
compromise the integrity of the chassis.
All PVC based matting was deleted from production specifications of the Elise in early 2004. Owners of
Elise models factory fitted with either the black synthetic (rubber like) or grey synthetic chequer plate
patterned footwell mats, are offered the opportunity to upgrade from these mats to new breathable black
carpets. These breathable carpets will provide suitable ventilation of the footwell floor surfaces.
Lotus authorised dealers will be pleased to assess the footwell floor condition of your vehicle and then
arrange a convenient time to carry out the appropriate improvements. Where little or no corrosion is
evident to the footwell floors, a colourless anti-corrosion fluid will be applied to the footwell surface. In
other cases, where more corrosion is evident, the original floor will be treated and a secondary floor panel
will be bonded and sealed on top of each of the existing footwell floors. In all cases new breathable black
footwell carpets will be fitted
Whilst the footwell condition of the majority of vehicles will not amount to a failure under the terms of the
8 year chassis anti-corrosion warranty provided with the vehicle, in order to maintain customers confidence,
Lotus will, as a goodwill gesture, undertake the above treatment and improvements free of charge to any
Elise within its 8 year chassis anti-corrosion warranty which was factory fitted with the PVC based floor
mats (standard warranty terms and conditions will apply). Any concerned customer should contact their
authorised Lotus dealer to discuss appropriate arrangements. Customers may prefer to have this work
carried out in conjunction with a maintenance service or other repair work and should therefore discuss
this with their authorised dealer.
The U.K. Vehicle Inspectorate has confirmed to Lotus that as the footwell floors are not part of the primary
load bearing structure and any corrosion of these panels does not compromise the integrity of the chassis,
a corroded or perforated floor panel is not in itself grounds for a U.K. MOT failure. Any queries related to
MOTs should be directed to the Vehicle Inspectorate Enquiry Unit on telephone number 0845 6005977,
quoting vehicle test station number and the date of test.
Lotus recommends that routine car cleaning and maintenance by Elise owners should include lifting the
footwell carpets and cleaning and, if necessary, drying the floors.
If customers have any queries in connection with this issue they should contact their authorised Lotus
dealer who will be happy to assist.

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