Le châssis

Recommandations pour les pneus d'après Lotus :

Elise ‘Mk.1’
Single piece, light alloy roadwheels, in various styles, were fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres, engineered to provide the optimum balance of ride and handling characteristics. Pirelli P Zero are the recommended tyres for use on the vehicle under normal road conditions. Note that the tyre tread pattern is asymmetric with the tyre sidewalls marked ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’; check that replacement tyres are correctly fitted. Part of the tread pattern is also directional in appearance, but the direction of rotation has no bearing on the tyre performance.

Lotus ride and handling engineers have subsequently approved the Yokohama C.drive tyre as a service replacement option for all ‘Mk.1’ Elise. The Yokohama tyre provides benefits in terms of wet and dry grip, ride comfort and reduced noise, although a marginal increase in wear rate may apply. The tyres may be fitted on any standard specification Elise wheels using 5.5 in. front rim size and 7 or 7.5 in. rear rims.

The C.drive tyres have an asymmetrical tread pattern, such that care must be taken to mount the tyres correctly on the wheels. Moulded onto the tyre sidewall, the legend ‘side facing outwards’ must be appropriately

positioned. A further feature of the tread pattern is an element of the grooving which is directional in appearance, but not in performance. The direction of rotation of left and right side tyres will differ in direction but with no consequence. For optimum handling balance, it is recommended that the tyres be fitted in complete vehicle sets. It is permissible for Yokohama C.drive to be fitted to both rear wheels, with Pirellis on both front wheels, but on no account should mixed axle sets be used with C.drive on the front.

Recommended cold pressure; front 1.6 bar, rear 1.7 bar.

Note: The 205/50 rear tyre size is recommended for both standard (7.0J) and 111S (7.5J) wheel variants.

In order to give ‘Mk.1’ Elise owners an alternative tyre choice with an emphasis on track performance, Yokohama and Lotus jointly developed the Advan Neova tyre. This construction, which is not generally available in Europe, features an assymetric directional tread pattern with special attention having been paid during development to provide improvements in vehicle balance, wet grip and comfort without sacrificing general agility. Sizes are 195/50x15 front, and 225/45x16 rear, to fit standard Elise roadwheels. Tyres may be ordered through Lotus dealers and should be fitted in complete vehicle sets. Note that the increased width of the front tyre (standard = 185/55 R15) requires that an extension lip be applied around the front wheelarch to provide the necessary tyre coverage - see your dealer. Since these tyres have not been homologated in all territories, customers should check the legality of these tyres with the appropriate authorities in their country of residence.

Various wheel types have been used. The first cars were fitted with wheels having 5 split-spokes made by AWI, which wheels are now no longer available. These wheels were replaced in April ’99 by a 12 spoke design made by Rimstock, whilst the 111S model featured a 6 spoke design by O.Z. with ½” wider (7.5J) rear rims. The Sport 160 used wider ‘Victory’ wheels with 6J and 8J rims. 340R models were fitted with either 10 spoke magnesium wheels by Tecnomagesio, or 10 spoke alloy wheels by Rimstock, but both wheel types required 6mm longer wheel studs. Track biased Yokohama A038-R tyres were used. The ‘Mk.1’ Exige used Rimstock 12 spoke wheels larger in diameter and width than the Elise, and fitted with Lotus specification Yokohama A039 tyres. These Exige wheels use 60 degree taper wheelnuts as opposed to the spherical seat nuts used on other Elise variants.

Elise ‘Mk.2’
Lotus engineers have worked with the tyre manufacturer Bridgestone, to produce a version of the ‘Potenza’ tyre specifically for the ‘Mk.2’ Elise, to optimise performance on both road and track. This tyre is identified by the construction code element of the DOT code moulded on one of the tyre sidewalls, and it is most important that ONLY this version is fitted if the correct handling characteristics are to be maintained. The rear tyre is NOT the same as fitted to Opel Speedster/Vauxhall VX220. Lotus front tyre code; CFE. Lotus rear tyre code; DCK.

The USA version of the Elise is factory fitted with Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 tyres. These tyres have been approved for use on all ‘Mk.2’ Elise as an alternative service fitment. The Yokohama tyres provide benefits in terms of steering feel, dry grip and track use longevity, although the Bridgestones may be preferred for ride comfort and wet grip. The tyres may be fitted on any standard specification Elise ‘Mk.2’ wheels using the 5.5 in. front rim size (or the optional 6.0 in. forged front wheel). Recommended cold pressures; front 1.8 bar, rear 2.0 bar.

For optimum handling balance, it is recommeded that the tyres be fitted only in complete vehicle sets. Mixed axle sets may produce unstable handling characteristics in either dry or wet conditions.

Note: The AD07 tyre construction has been developed specifically for the Lotus Elise, and is identified by the letters ‘LTS’ moulded on the sidewall. Ensure that any tyre to be fitted is so marked.

The ‘Mk.2’ Elise uses different hubs to ‘Mk.1’, with roadwheels having a larger diameter and PCD, such that there is no interchangeability between models. Rimstock wheels with both 6 and 8 spoke designs have been used, both of which are retained with four conical wheelbolts. Some 8 spoke wheels are finished in ‘high power silver’ which can be very difficult to shade match.

The Sport 135 and Lotus Sport 111 versions use Yokohama A048 tyres mounted on 16 spoke O.Z. roadwheels (with longer wheel bolts) in conjunction with sports suspension. The wider front tyre (195/50) is fitted on a wider front wheel rim. Lotus approves of this tyre fitment only as part of the complete Sport 135R/111 package. The tyres should not be fitted on standard specification wheels, or with standard suspension.

Elise 111R/Exige ‘Mk.2’/USA Elise
The 111R uses the same Bridgestone Potenza RE040 tyres as ‘Mk.2’ Elise, but re-classified to ‘W’ speed rating. The Exige uses the Yokohama A048 tyres as used on Sport 135R/111. USA Elise are fitted with specially developed Yokohama Neova AD07 tyres.

Standard Elise roadwheels are the same style and rim diameters as on ‘Mk.2’ cars, but the rear wheels have a greater inset to accommodate the repositioned suspension pick up points, and the front wheels have been re-classified to a higher load rating. Exige models use a unique 8 twin spoke design, with a wider front rim for the A048 tyres.

Fitting wheel and tyre configurations not tested or approved by Lotus can result in chassis or body foul, adversely affected handling or braking, wheel insecurity, or other dangerous conditions, and should not be attempted without expert advice.

Quelques valeurs indicatives de dureté des ressorts (Avant/Arrière en Lbs/in) pour l'Elise Mk2 :

Bilstein Lotus Standard : 200/285

Bilstein Lotus Sport Suspension : 250/325 (montés sur l'Elise 135R et 160R avec Yokos A048, compromis route/circuit)

Dynamics Lotus motorsport : 600/800 (très dur, pour l'Elise Sport 190 avec des pneus slicks)

Nitron "fast road use" : 325/400 (compromis route/circuit)

Nitron "track day use" : 400/475 (raideur optimale pour le circuit avec des pneus Yokos A048)

Ohlins : 325/400

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