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Recommandations pour la qualité de l'huile d'après Lotus :

Engine Oil
In order to ensure the longevity and reliability of the vehicle, it is most important that only the specified lubricants are used. It is an entirely false economy to try to save money by using lower quality oils, which may degade before the next change interval and provide inadequate protection before the end of the term. High oil consumption may also result.

The engine is factory filled with a top quality mineral oil to be used during the running-in period until the After Sales Service. Once running-in has been completed, it is considered that fully synthetic engine oils represent the best value in terms of fuel economy and wear protection. A multigrade oil is designated with a low temperature viscosity grade (first number with ‘W’ for winter) followed by a high temperature viscosity grade. Oils with low cold viscosity, offer benefits in terms of fuel economy, ease of cranking and starting, and cold run protection. Oils with high hot viscosity offer increased protection at high temperatures and high rpm.

For the ‘Mk.1’ and ‘Mk.2’ Elise:
Choose a multigrade oil with viscosity in the following range:
Cold viscosity; 0 - 20W
Hot viscosity; 50 - 60

For use in temperate climates, Lotus specifically recommends the following fully synthetic products:
- Mobil 1 Motorsport 15W/50
- Castrol Formula RS 10W/60

For use in extreme cold climates, choose an oil with a low temperature viscosity of 0W.

For the Elise 111R/Exige ‘Mk.2’/USA Elise:
These models have been tested in all climatic conditions likely to be encountered with Texaco Havoline Synthetic 5W/40 oil which offers advantages in ease of cranking, smooth cold running and fuel economy at low temperatures, in combination with good wear protection at elevated temperatures and at high engine speeds. However, if a car is to be driven on track at maximum effort, or in conditions or a manner likely to result in very high oil temperatures being achieved, the engine oil should be changed for Castrol Formula RS 10W/60.

Lotus 900 series 4 cylinder engines and V8:
Choose a multigrade oil with viscosity in the following range:
Cold viscosity; 0 - 15W
Hot viscosity; 40 - 60

Lotus specifically recommends Mobil 1 Motorsport 15W/50, and Castrol Formula RS 10W/60.

In all cases, the oil quality grades which should be met are either European standard ACEA A3, American standard API SL/CF, SJ/CF, or international standard ILSAC GF-3. Check that this is printed on the oil container.

For further information, refer to your Owner’s Handbook.

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